Why Adopt Again?

We admit, six kids is a lot. And, adopting a child with some special needs will be hard. 

John David is our son Samuel’s foster brother. They lived together from when Samuel was 6-months old until he was two and a half. John David is no longer in a loving foster home. He is alone in an orphanage. We let him grow up alone in an orphanage, only to end up on the street, alone as a young man some day.

In advocating to find him a family, we came to realize that he has always been a part of our family because he has always been close to our heart. Almost every day that Samuel has been home he has prayed for “China Gu Gu” as we like to call him, “gu gu” meaning brother.

Since he is already a part of us, we need to bring him home. It will be a tough road. It will be expensive. It will require a lot of us physically and emotionally. And, as many reasons as their might be to sit tight and not do this, there is one compelling reason to adopt him. He deserves a loving family, and we have the ability to be that family now. It’s really as simple as that for us.