Stepping Out in Faith

So, here we are… again, called by God to step out into the unknown in faith. Adoption. We are called to, and very excited about adopting a child from China. And, in that excitement, we are again being stretched. Stretched to trust the Lord for provision, to trust Him with details and to trust Him with the course of our lives.

We realize that our lives are going to change during this process. Things that have often seemed important in the past will fade, and new things, distant things, will begin to show and become clear. We are counting the cost, not the financial cost so much (God has that) but the personal cost, the cost of giving our lives away to children, our children, by birth and by adoption. And in counting that cost we recognize that this is what Jesus asked of us (James 1:27), and that it is worth it.

This is hard, no two ways about it. But, it is good. Every time in the past that God has asked us to jump, we have, and this is no different. We are jumping, in faith, into the arms of Jesus whom we believe and trust has the ability to care for us through this process. To Him will be the Glory in this.

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