It seems that we are well over due for an update on where we are in the long process.

We made our first payment back in December which allowed us to continue moving forward in the process.  Thank you everyone who supported us with soap and financial gifts!  The Lord provided, as He always does.

We have started our home study, which is where you meet with a social worker 3 times, gather various forms and paperwork, read books, complete online training, 2 sets of fingerprints, physicals, child abuse clearances from every state we have lived, septic tank inspection  and complete more paperwork.

We have had our first meeting and will meet with our social worker again at the end of this month. Whoo- progress!!!  After the second meeting, we must complete all of our required documents/training and turn everything in before we meet for the last meeting.  Once our third and final meeting is scheduled, our next big payment is due.  All of this paperwork and the report of our home study will go into our Dossier  (which are the forms and such that will be sent to China asking us permission to adopt a child from their country) along with other forms and paperwork that we will collect after our home study report is done.  We are hoping to be done with the home study by the end of February, Lord willing, and the funds are there. Yea!!!

Things to pray for:

  • Our fundraising.  That we will be faithful to what the Lord has called us to do, in regards to how raise the funds.
  • The Mini-Session Photography fundraiser- I have 4 people who are interested- YEA!! I would LOVE more!
  • Our diligence to complete our reading and online training and that we will have the time to complete them.
  • Our child and their parents- I can’t imagine having to give up my child and we just pray that the Lord will grant them peace and that He will protect our son/daughter, that they will get the medical attention that they need and that even now they would know the Father’s voice.
  • Clarity and direction on some family decisions we need to make.
Thank you for all your support and prayers.  We are encouraged by the Love and support we feel by others.
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