Acronym for Everything

For those in the adoption community there are many acronyms that track your progress to bring your child home. I thought I would briefly walk you through the acronyms and a bit of the process.

LOI- Letter of Intent

PA- Pending acceptance

DTC- Dossier to China

PA- Pending acceptance

LOA- Letter of acceptance

TA-Travel Approval

For those not in the adoption world, the above doesn’t offer much clarity either.

Your LOI (or letter of intent) is when a child has been found for your family and you submit 10 items/documents to China asking them permission for you to adopt that specific child.

Your PA comes about 5-10 days after you submit your LOI and it says that China has reviewed your paperwork. family and resources and believe that you are capable of taking care of this specific child.  It also means that the child’s file is move over and moves into processing.

DTC means all your paperwork (homestudy, immigration paperwork and other items) get sent to China.

LID- means that China received your dossier, looked it over and has given you approval to move forward with the adoption.

Then after several months you will receive your LOA which is your letter of acceptance meaning that everything is moving along and next will be your TA or travel approval to come and get your child. What an exciting day that will be!


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