I am blown away almost daily by what the Lord is doing through our adoption.  We have been working hard for over a year selling goat milk soap, bracelets from Haiti and other things.  I have been doing photo sessions for families who make a donation to our adoption and the Lord is blessing our efforts.

Last week I cried out to the Lord and just asked Him for provision for our adoption.  We needed to make a payment to get our I-800 paperwork processed and we didn’t have it.  I know the Lord called us to adopt Wang Jianlin and my heart was heavy as I felt my hands were tied and there was nothing I could do at that moment but cry out to the Lord.

A day or 2 after I cried out to the Lord, I had this amazing lady, Carol (who is an aunt of a friend) offer to sell “some” of our paper bead bracelets from Haiti because her sister had given her one and all her friends loved it so much! I gave her 65 bracelets on Saturday and she contacted me today and told me that she has sold almost every one of them, and could she have more?!?!? I am blown away by her generosity to sell these on our behalf and we have only met her once.  What a blessing she is to our family and to our son waiting for us.

I have had 2 photography sessions this last week and I have 4 this coming up weekend.  I am so excited to meet new people who have heard of us through people and be able to share about our little boy waiting and share more about adopting from China and adopting boys.

Yesterday we got a phone call from Both Hangs-Lifesong letting us know that we were approved for the Both Hands project, where we serve a widow and raise finds for our adoption at the same time.  I am really excited about this project! Let us know if you want to be on our team 🙂

Lastly, we are going to be featured on the blog Give1Save1 Monday.  We are beyond excited that they have picked our family to be featured for the week.  The whole story of Give1Save1 is that if all of their readers would just give $1, how much that could and would effect the lives of these orphans and families.  Anyways, we are excited to share our story through video on their blog starting Monday.

There has been a lot cooking since my last post.  We are excited that our I-800 paperwork was overnighted yesterday and hopefully we will hear something via the mail about our fingerprinting appointment soon (I believe it normally takes 14 days or so, we are hoping and praying for less).

Thanks for your support! It is true that the Lord funds what He calls.  We are excited to see what else the Lord has in store for us through this process of bringing our son home!

Many Blessings,


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