Letter of Acceptance {LOA}

I was in Class {my students were taking a quiz, which is why I was at my desk in the first place} when I saw the number for our agency pop up on my phone.  {I had been on Facebook earlier and saw that other people with very simular LID’s were getting their LOAs} I answered the phone and it was Logan {our caseworker} from our agency.  She said that she had some exciting news for us… that she just received our Letter of Acceptance saying that Samuel is ours! A flood of emotion came over me and I hung up the phone and immediately called Adam. He answered the phone, concerned because I was supposed to be in the middle of teaching class, and I told him the news.  We were both VERY excited to have this long wait behind us! Now to fill out more paperwork, apply for our visas, do something again with immigration and then there is Article 5, cabling and then our TA wait.  I better start researching this part of the process because it seems VERY confusing to me.  Oh Happy Day!!

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