The Waiting

The waiting part of the adoption process is hard. Really hard. Yesterday we were 95% certain that we would be traveling this Wednesday to go and get our son. Today we found out we will not. Its funny, sometimes you don’t realize how much you are looking forward to something until you are on the cusp of getting it and then are told to wait. My sunken spirit tells me how excited I really am about this trip, and I guess that is the silver lining, knowing how very excited I am to travel and meet my son on the other side of the world.

Now we are hoping to travel next week, but there is no guarantee yet. So we will keep going with our week. We will pack, we will work, we will play with our children and love on them like we are headed around the world on the next plane. We will live life fully and hopefully get a lot of rest to make sure we are well and ready to travel, and then, at the proper time, we will go to meet our son.

And, on this note of proper timing please indulge me with a little bit of advice to well meaning friends and family. We are nearing the end of a very long adoption journey, 23 months to be exact, and we are on the verge of beginning of a new era in our family life. We are filled with excitement, anticipation, fear, and more than a little weariness. The best way that anyone can support a family in our situation when the waiting becomes hard to bear is bear it with us and just say, “yeah, the waiting sucks, but hang in there”. You don’t tell a pregnant woman that is two weeks past her due date, in the middle of July and miserable “the baby will come when its time” for fear that your time may come by her impatient (and somewhat hormonal hand), same idea here.

I think for all of us, when the load we hold is hard to bear, we just need someone to come along side and support the load with us for a while, through prayer, through encouragement, through time together, or by some other means. Thank you to all of our lovely friends and family that do just that, you are a wonderful blessing and we are so thankful for you.

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