Day 8 – Finding spot, Walmart and Park

We are running a little late on our day 8 post.

We got up, went downstairs and ate breakfast and then met our guide to head out to his finding spot. Samuel is a great eater.  His favorite breakfast foods are eggs {it’s a good thing since we have chickens}, watermelon and a yogurt drink.

Yesterday the weather was so pretty and the sky was completely clear.  It hasn’t been clear since we arrived on Saturday and for the first time we were able to see the mountains that surround the city {we didn’t even know they were there b/c of the smog}.

We made our way in traffic to Samuel’s finding spot.  Lots of emotions this spot brought up.  All I could think while I was there was the love this Momma had for her son and somehow I hope his Momma knows that he is loved and cared for.  {There is so much more to say about his spot, but that will have to come later in a later post}.

After we left there emotionally drained, we headed to the best place on earth….Walmart.  This time we had our guide with us and we explored the whole store.  Adam has a video and I believe has already uploaded our seafood department experience.

After Walmart, we were dropped off at the hotel and headed out for lunch.  We went to the same noodle place that we have been going everyday since Sunday.  This time we were not the only foreigners in the place and we saw 2 people we knew {our guide from Sunday and another family from Spain who is adopting}.  We ate some yummy beef noodles and Samuel REALLY enjoyed them.  He ate 3 bowls of noodles.  He is amazing.  He held his bowl in one hand and then in the other hand he held his chopsticks…AMAZING to watch him eat!

After lunch we headed to the park and he had a great time.  We saw ducks, fish and flowers.  He saw a dandelion flower and went right over and picked it.  He was so excited to get the flower and held on to it until he saw another one and then picked that one.

After the park, we came back to the hotel to play and hang out.  We invented “water bottle tee-ball” and he had so much fun, we played for about a hour.  The game is really simple, place a ball on an empty upside down water bottle and then have Samuel hold the other bottle upside down and swing! He can really hit that ball.  We might have a future baseball player on our hands.

After another bath {for fun not because we were dirty} we got our jammies on and it was time for bed.  He snuggled with his panda in one hand and held my hand with his other hand.  It was so sweet and we all slept great.

Tomorrow we head to the biggest park in the Shanxi provence and then the next day we head out for Guangzhou for our last leg of the trip.

Please pray for our children and us as we are missing each other.  Also, I have come down with a cold, so please that it passes quickly.

Until tomorrow

{Hugs} from Taiyuan 

Video from Walmart:

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