Day 12 – Touring Gaungzhou

Today started in the middle of the night with Jess throwing up, food poisoning, no fun. It was a long night and she didn’t get much sleep. So, this morning I let her rest and I took Samuel down to breakfast by myself. On the way down I bumped into some new friends so I ate with their family. Samuel did great at breakfast, I thought he would freak not being with Jess, but he was fine with baba (me) and we had fun together. At one point during breakfast he was meticulously cutting up his water mellon (with a butter knife) into tiny pieces. I’m telling you, his fine motor skills are really, really impressive.

On going back up to the room I expected to find Jess in bed, feeling terrible still and wanting to stay at the hotel rather than go out and about Guangzhou with the group. I was wrong. When I got back Jess was not only up, but ready to go and wondering why I wasn’t back to the room yet. It seems some prayers were answered in this.

So we headed off with the group to do some shopping. We went to two places, the first was a huge mall that must have been 6 floors with shops everywhere. To see it all would take days. We really just went to two shops, one to buy a small jade pendant and one to buy a happy sheep dvd for Samuel.

Then we headed to a museum (the oldest building in this city) to look around and to shop. Once we got out of the bus and started walking to the museum Jess hit a wall and really started feeling terrible. One of the families with us got her a Spite and she sat down. As she continued to feel worse, one of our Chinese guides got Jess some Chinese medicine. They gave her some oil to rub under her nose and on her head and some black pills (that smell like tar) to take. We trust our guides, and Jess was feeling so terrible that she didn’t protest, so she took the remedies and actually started feeling better. I went around the building and got some photos of some of the cool stuff, but I mostly just tried to entertain Samuel and make sure Jess was doing all right.

After that we headed back to the hotel and Jess and Samuel laid down for a much needed nap. Then after nap time we headed to the local market (where I got a few fun photos) and we walked around the stores a bit. We ate the food we have in our room for dinner and then spent time on FaceTime with the kids.

Overall it was a decent day (outside of the food poisoning). Here is hoping that tomorrow is even better!


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