Samuel’s First Star-Spangled Banner

Last night we packed up the family and headed to Sara Kate’s swim meet. This event had been described by some grandparents as “mass chaos” or “pandemonium” so headed out not knowing quite what to expect. We got there and found a site that was busy (and hard to navigate through while carrying a cooler) but not too chaotic. I think the link between miss chaos and crowded fun is a fine one.

We got settled in, set up, and started eating the dinner Jess packed for us. Ruthie had a few freak outs (which makes me want to freak out a little), but we did ok and the swim meet got started. Of coarse we live in the US, and before sporting events there is a performance of the Star-Spangled Banner.

At one point during the performance (recording), I looked over at Samuel and realized that this is the first time he has heard the Star-Spangled Banner. Less than one week ago Samuel was in China, which is certainly not the land of the free, and yesterday he sat in his mother’s arms in the US watching his new sister swim.

Samuel has left the country of his birth and become a part of a country that he does not yet know, but that he will grow to love. He will grow up with opportunity, education, a great community and a loving family.

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