Paying it Forward

God writes the most amazing stories, doesn’t He?  This story began back in late 2013.

I was on our agency’s waiting child page just looking through the children and praying for them.  This is something that I feel like I can do since we are not in the place to adopt right now.  Anyways, I was scrolling through the list and came across “Zinnie”.  Some thing about her captivated me.  She was beautiful! Her hair was short, she had on a pink and mint flower jacket and something about this sweet girl grabbed me.  I started praying for her and for her to find a family.  I knew that we were not in the place to be able to bring this sweet girl home {I would not being honest if I didn’t think about it and maybe even tell Adam about her}.  Her picture is saved on my camera roll and I would often check back on the waiting child page to see if she had “Matched” next to her name.  Zinnie’s name became a regular in our home and my children would ask is she has a family and would pray for her.  One day in March, I checked on the page and she was gone.  At first I was relieved hoping that she was matched with her forever family and she would be coming home soon!

Fast forward to September 2014 when a friend messages me if I have seen the updated video of “Zinnie”?  I hadn’t seen the update, and honestly I wasn’t really ready for it.  Sweet girl didn’t have a family to call her own like I had hoped.  No, this sweet girl was still in China and now NEEDED a family! She was so frail.  At this point we printed out her picture and hung it on our wall to remind us to pray for her daily.  My Children would pray for “Zinnie” and that she would have a family of her own.  Months went by and sweet girl still didn’t have a family.  My heart would break for her every time I would see her post on the waiting child facebook group.  I would read through the comments hoping someone knew something new.

Then December 5th I saw what I had been hoping to see since 2013, She HAS a FAMILY!!! I was so excited!!! She is coming home! She will have a mom and dad and will have brothers and sisters.  She will be able to get the medical care she needs and she will know that she is LOVED! So I quickly contacted the mom and told her that we have been praying for her little girl for years and we are so excited to hear she is coming home! I quickly heard back from the mom and we began talking on messenger.  Come to find out she will be living just a few hours away from us!

God writes the best stories.

Now they are racing to bring this sweet medically fragile girl home!  And while they are working on paperwork to get her home, there is another medically fragile little boy that needs a family.  He captures me because he has the same name as our neighbor, Vallen.  Long story short, this family is bringing home Vallen too!

They are stepping out to bring home 2 sick babies, racing as fast as they can to get them home! They are still about $12,000 short and they need help!

So this is where you come in! I am doing a Tank Fundraiser for them and 100% of the proceeds will go to bring home Mariella (Zinnie) and Vallen.  I love them and I hope you will too.  They are perfect for spring. You can wear them alone or throw on your perfect boyfriend cardigan.  These are so soft and I can’t wait to get mine! I also love that the Karrick family is bring home a King and Queen.


Let’s help bring home these two precious children! Thank you so much for your order and being a part of their story!



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