This blog has posts from our first adoption and second adoption

An Update

By adamw | December 4, 2011

There hasn’t been much blogging going on because there isn’t much to blog about. We are still raising funds and seeking the Lord about the child that He has for us. Wading through some red tape (not thread) and other craziness that has been unexpected, but it is ok as we are confident that God…

Goat Milk Soap

By Jessica | November 25, 2011

I just wanted to take a few minutes to write about our first fundraiser and thank those who have already placed an order!! THANK YOU for your support! We are trying to raise money to complete our home study and with every order we are getting closer. Everything really hinges on the Home Study being…


By adamw | November 24, 2011

Today I’m thankful to be on this journey of faith, hope, and love, with my beautiful wife and loving kiddos. Praying that next Thanksgiving I will have one more child at my table. I’m also so thankful for friends and family that are already joining is in this journey, it will be a long road,…

Stepping Out in Faith

By adamw | November 23, 2011

So, here we are… again, called by God to step out into the unknown in faith. Adoption. We are called to, and very excited about adopting a child from China. And, in that excitement, we are again being stretched. Stretched to trust the Lord for provision, to trust Him with details and to trust Him…

How it Began

By adamw | November 22, 2011

The story of how we came to want to adopt starts with some dear friends, Marc and Sherry. Marc and Sherry adopted from China, and watching them go through that process and understanding the reasons they were compelled to adopt from there really compelled us as well. Since that time we knew that one day…