We got an update!!

The great thing about having our PA is that we can send a care package and ask for an update.

We used ChinaAdoptionHelp.com and they have been WONDERFUL! They have been so responsive to emails and have answered any questions that I had about sending the care package, I have been totally impressed.

Below is the care package/birthday gift that we were able to send to our son.  Ethan was very adamant that his baby brother NEEDED a car for his birthday.  I asked the ladies at ChinaAdoptioHelp if that would be possible and they said no problem.  When we got the picture below of the car package, I could’t have been more excited to see what they choose for our son.  Ethan was happy with their choice of the tractor with trailer, the digger, cement truck and then dump truck.  He asked if baby brother will be bringing these toys with him when we pick him up from China.  So cute! We also included a photo album with 6 pictures of our family and our home, a camera for his foster parents to take pictures of him (we hope to get this back on gatchya day) some tea for his foster parents and a blanket to keep him warm at night.

We also asked for an update on our son and this is what we got back this morning.

1. Does he sleep with anything that brings him comfort? (Blanket, toy)
    No, he doesn’t need any comforters to fall asleep.
2. Can he feed himself and can he drink from a cup?
    The foster mother will feed him on meals,but he can drink water from milk bottle by his own.
3. Can he walk unassisted.
    Yes,he can walk,jump and run without any help.
4. Does he live with any foster brothers or sisters or pets?
    There’s a big brother called Wu Wentong fostered in the same family with him,and there’s a puppy in-house.
5. Does he sleep in a crib or a regular bed?
    Sometimes he sleeps alone in the crib when sometimes he sleeps with the foster mother in the bed.
6.  What’s his favorite toy?
     Toys with sound or any new toys.
7. What does a typical day look like?
    Get up at 7am then breakfast, Lunch at 12pm then 2:30pm-4pm for a nap,supper at 7:30pm and go to bed at 10pm. He is not picky on food.
8. How many teeth does he have?
9. What other words does he know?
    His speech is normal compare to the children at his age.
10. What do you call him? Does he have a nickname?
       Jian Jian is his nickname.
We are so happy to get an update on our little boy! We also sent a cake for his birthday (November 18) and I can’t wait to get an updated picture of our little guy.
Sweet son we are coming just as soon as we can. We love you so much and can’t wait to hold you in our arms!
Thanks for your prayers and support.
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