“Mighty God”

We have had the privilege of visiting with a new body of believers the past weeks. It has been fun getting to know people from this church community and sharing about our family and our little one waiting for us in china.

Today, the pastor was teaching on the name of Jesus “Mighty God” (Isaiah 9:6) I was encouraged as I was reminded of the power that Jesus has and that He is Mighty God.

Pastor John said that, “Jesus not only has the power of God- He IS the power of God! AMEN!

It was comforting to be reminded that Jesus has the power over distance (John 4:46-54). As we are on the other side of the world from our son it was a good reminder that the Lord is there with him.

Jesus also has the power over time (John 5:1-12). As we wait for Jian-Jian the Lord has the power to heal the hurts of his past. Thank you Jesus.

Jesus has the power over quantity (John 6:1-14). We knew when we stepped out in faith to adopt, that Jesus would have to provide the funds for this. I was reminded today that the Lord’s resources are limitless and He will provide for what he has called.

Jesus has the power over helplessness (John 9:1-14). In the time when we are helpless, when there is NOTHING we can do but wait, the Lord has power over this. As we wait for our paperwork to move from one person’s desk to another (a very helpless feeling when we are waiting for our son) the Lord has power to move things in His time.

Thank you Jesus that you are the Mighty One. Thank you that you are with Jian-Jian while we can’t be with him. Thank you Lord that you have the power over time and the power to heal. Thank you Jesus that you have the power to take a little and make it much! Thank you Jesus that you do have the power over helplessness and you bring hope to those who trust in you! Thank you Jesus Might One you are!


We received word that our I-800 (the paper petitioning the US for our child to become a citizen when we land in the US) got approved on Wednesday! Now we are just waiting for our paper approval (letter in the mail) and then we can start getting our documents authenticated. The authenticating process takes about 2 weeks and then we can send our Dossier to China. This is a very exciting milestone in our journey. Please pray that we will be DTC (dossier to china) before the beginning of the year.

Once DTC, we have to wait for our LID (Log In Date) which seems to be happening within a week of China receiving our paperwork. After our LID we will wait for our LOA or Letter of Acceptance. The wait for our LOA can be anywhere from 20 days to 140 days. The average right now is about 60 days. Please pray that we get approval quickly.  After our LOA we will wait for our TA or Travel approval and our CA consulate appointment and then we will travel to bring Jian-Jina home!  A good average is about 4-5 months from LID to travel.

We are very thankful for everyone who has given to the Give 5 Change a Life campaign.  We started in November with the goal to raise $10,000 in 60 days.   As of this morning we are $3,980.56! Wohooooo! If everyone gave $5, that is 796 people helping us bring our son home. (I know that’s not totally accurate, but still) WOW! That number blows me away! We have no idea who all has given 5, but we are so thankful for each and everyone who has given! THANK YOU!

There is still time left for us to reach the $10K mark and we are praying that the Lord will provide.  All gifts are tax deductible and anonymous.  There is also a link that you can share on your FB page if you would like to do that.

I have been so blessed by all the families and people I have photographed this fall. I believe I have photographed 12 families since the beginning of November. Needless to say this has been a WONDERFUL fundraiser this fall! I am still taking pictures, so if you need your family, senior, children, head shots, etc… let me know!!! THANK YOU FAMILIES!


Please be praying for our son and the transition that he is going to be making in a few months.  Please pray that the Lord will be with Him (even now) and will prepare his heart for leaving everything he has ever known.  Please pray for his foster mother, father and brother as they will deal with the loss of a son and brother.  Please pray that the Lord will prepare his heart for our family. For the long trip home and that the Lord will keep him well this winter season.

Finally I will leave you with this…a photo we received on Saturday morning… melt my heart!

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