For those not in the adoption world this is a HUGE milestone that we have hit! This means that all of our documents (12 documents + homestudy + 10 pictures of our home and family + passport photos all have been authenticated at the county, state and consulate level).  Thank the Lord they all passed through with no hiccups (as many have had things kicked back for a wrong date, notary wording etc..).  We are very thankful to have this milestone behind us.  It took almost a year from our first homestudy on Jan. 9th 2012 (my birthday) until Jan. 7th when we were officially DTC. Hang in there baby boy we are coming as fast as we can!

Now we wait penitently for our LID  (Log in Date) when China has gotten our dossier, looked through it and say ok.  Our agency says 3-4 weeks on this, but others have been getting it faster, so we are hoping we get our LID faster.  After our LID we will be waiting on our LOA (Letter of Acceptance) when China officially says that we can be the parents of Jianlin.  The LOA has been coming in anywhere from 9 days to 130, the average being around 60.  That will be the last of the big waiting and things will pickup pretty fast from there.  Once we have our LOA we have to wait for a few more things and then we will be waiting for our TA (Travel Approval) we will then apply for our CA (US Consulate Appointment) and then we will be on our way to get baby brother!!

Thanks for following along our journey.



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