Article 5 Drop off

Our Article 5 has officially been dropped off and now we wait for it to be picked up.  This part is kind of nice because you are issued a pick up date and there is nothing you can do until that date comes.  So no worrying or being anxious about the next step of if our paperwork is going to come today because we know when it will get picked up.  Our date is April 17th.  After than date we will officially be waiting for our TA! We are getting closer!!

Here is a great explanation from another website;

TheArticle 5 is the consulate pre-approving your child for an immigrant visa. Your agency will have a courier pick up the Article 5 and take it to the CCCWA.

Once the CCCWA receives the Article 5, the Travel Approval will then be issued. This takes around 2-4 weeks. At this point, your agency will make travel arrangements for you to go to China and adopt your child!


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