Article 5 Pickup

I was so happy when I got this email late last night… It means that we are one step closer to traveling to get our son! Thank you Jesus!!

Dear Adoptive Parent,

 The Adopted Children’s Immigrant Visa Unit (ACIVU) at U.S. Consulate General Guangzhou has finished processing your child’s Article 5, and your file is already  returned to your adoption agency’s facilitator. 

 Next, your agency will deliver the Article 5 and Letter of Seeking Confirmation to the *** Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA), which will issue the Travel Approval (TA).  The TA allows you to come to China to finalize the adoption, so once the CCCWA issues the TA, your agency can email us to request an immigrant visa appointment at the Consulate. 

Now we officially start our TA {Travel Approval} wait.  It seems that they have been coming in 14 days or less, so we are hoping we get one of the fast TAs.  We will keep you updated.

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