added bonus–Friendships

One of the really cool things about adoption is the amazing new friends you will have.  There are so many really great women I know now because of our adoption, the process, asking questions on various facebook groups, etc… It is always encouraging to know that there is someone who has either been where you are, are where you are or will be where you are.

Now that we are waiting on our TA {day 10 but who is counting?} and we know we will be traveling to get Samuel, the wait is even harder.  One would think that by now I would be professional at waiting.  We have been in the process for 22 months now and we have seen Samuels face for almost 7 months.  Some days I am ok and others I have to get out of the house for a distraction.  Anyways, during this particular hard waiting week I received a super sweet package in that mail {and it couldn’t have come at a better time}!  One of the sweet new friends that I was taking about above sent me a necklace that has Samuel’s picture on the front and at cut out of China on the back. I love it!!  SO SWEET! That’s just what I needed to get through these last few weeks before we travel.  THANK YOU GIRL!! YOU MADE MY WEEK!!! Now I can carry Samuel around with me where ever I go until we can travel to get him.  This will always be a treasure!


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