Adoption is tough

Adoption is beautiful, a miracle in many ways, but its also really tough. It would be easy to look at our family, see our posts of Samuel smiling and enjoying time with Jess and the kids and think that our journey has been easy, let me assure you, it is not easy.

The truth is that we are tired and usually emotionally and physically drained. Most days Samuel does great for about 85% of the day. During that time he is a normal two year old, playing, laughing, being defiant, the normal stuff. But for 15% of the time he struggles. He grieves, pitches fits with the most high pitched and loud scream I can imagine coming out of such a small body, or just shuts down and withdraws. The normal two year old stuff is tiring, we all know that, but the hour and a half that he screams is exhausting.

Jess has taken the brunt of this, as most of it happens when I’m working or when she is putting him to bed, but Jess is a champ and is handling everything really well.

All in all Samuel is doing extremely well and we wouldn’t trade him for the world. Adoption really is an amazing thing and it will make all of us better and more loving people. I am convinced that bringing Samuel home will forever impact all of our lives positive ways that will influence our family for generations. He is a beautiful child, loving, fun and so smart.

Adoption is tough, but is totally worth it. Samuel is totally worth it.

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