Sleep Deprived, Regression & Happiness

Sorry for the lack of blogging. To say that we have been busy is an understatement. Trying to assimilate Samuel into the family, care for the other kids and live life has proven time consuming. All in all things are going well. Samuel still struggles with fits and freak outs, but more often he is happy and full of personality.

The thing that we are really dealing with now is sleep. Samuel is still hard to get down for either naps or for bed. The other big issue is that our three year old daughter has regressed a bit now that she is no longer the baby. She is having more “three year old breakdowns” and as of this week, she is completely terrified to go to sleep. So, four of the six members of our family haven’t slept through the night in weeks.

But, all that said, we are happy. We knew this would be hard, but we are always reminded that it is worth it. We are very happy to have our little boy, and feel our family is so blessed to have him.

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