Update on life after adoption

Having another child always makes life crazy. This is true for the birth of a child as well as the adoption of one. Things have been crazy. From meltdowns to arguments and from cuddles to kicks in the face during the night (while sleeping in our bed from time to time). Many times we are weary but ever happy, frustrated but encouraged as well.

Samuel is doing well. There are still set backs, and frankly things that we won’t talk about in an open forum such as this, but still he is doing well. He is learning english and daily coming up with things that surprise me when he says them. He is getting along really well with this siblings and he plays especially well when it is just him and Ann Ruth, we like to call them the bobbsey twins. He is a happy, playful little boy and loves trains especially.

Since we have been home Samuel has turned 3 and had so many “firsts” I can’t keep count. The most notable firsts for me are of course when he first met his siblings and the first (really the second) sentence he put together in english. That happened when passing our Chick-fil-a and he pointed and said “look mommy, a cow!”. What can I say, the kid loves Chick-fil-a and all of us, obviously he has good taste.

Samuel now sleeps in his bed in ge ge’s (pronounced guh guh, which means brother) room ,he hasn’t figured out its his room too, and really seems to like that most nights. Then in the morning they come out of the room like a little dynamic duo, ready for the day.

We are getting out more and doing more social things, coming out of the cocoon, and so far he does well with that. There are some days where we will be out in a social gathering and he is fine, and other days where he will completely melt down upon arriving home from being out socially, so we are still cautious about what we do and how long we are out.

The other kids have really taken to him. As far as they were concerned he was one of them from before they even met him and that has always been the case since we have been home. At times they even argue about who is doing what with him because they all want to spend time with Samuel.

Well, my time has run out and my day must begin. I will try to write more updates soon, maybe even some with deeper thoughts. Until then let me ask you to pray with me and my family for Samuel’s foster brother to find a forever family. Samuel prays for him daily, as do we. Please pray for him as well. Thanks for your love and support.

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