This blog has posts from our first adoption and second adoption

Day 12 – Touring Gaungzhou

By adamw | June 2, 2013

Today started in the middle of the night with Jess throwing up, food poisoning, no fun. It was a long night and she didn’t get much sleep. So, this morning I let her rest and I took Samuel down to breakfast by myself. On the way down I bumped into some new friends so I…

Day 11 – Medical Tests

By adamw | June 1, 2013

We woke this morning rested and ready to go, had a FaceTime call with the kiddos at home, and headed down to breakfast. At breakfast the drastic difference in our new location really showed. There were American families here, lots of them! We are finally in a hotel with other families that are adopting that…

Day 10 – travel to Guangzhou

By adamw | June 1, 2013

Sorry for the delay in posting, yesterday was pretty busy. We got up, ate breakfast and then goofed around the hotel for the rest of the morning. Packing after living in a hotel for a week and knowing that you are just going to live in another hotel for another week is not very fun.…

Day 9 – The “Park”

By adamw | May 30, 2013

First off, last night we slept well. We all went to bed early (Samuel is full tilt and Jess and I are finding ourselves worn out each day). This morning we got up, spent time on FaceTime with the kids (FaceTime works way better than Skype, in case you were wondering), and then headed down…

Playing frogger in china (aka crossing the road)

By adamw | May 30, 2013

Day 8 – Finding spot, Walmart and Park

By Jessica | May 29, 2013

We are running a little late on our day 8 post. We got up, went downstairs and ate breakfast and then met our guide to head out to his finding spot. Samuel is a great eater.  His favorite breakfast foods are eggs {it’s a good thing since we have chickens}, watermelon and a yogurt drink.…

Some Videos from our trip so far

By adamw | May 29, 2013

Here are several videos from our trip so far. Walking around the market and trying not to get run over. Adam playing Chinese hacky sack in the park with some locals: Samuel’s gotcha day: Walmart in Taiyuan:

Day 7 – It’s Official

By Jessica | May 28, 2013

Today was a big day, the Big next to meeting Samuel, but I will get to that in a minute. Samuel slept great last night for being his first night with us.  He snuggled right up with Baba (Chinese for Daddy) for some of the night.  At some point he called out for Mama twice,…

Day 6 – Gotcha Day

By adamw | May 27, 2013

Today we woke up having not slept well. Up and down all night we woke up tired and knowing that we should eat breakfast but not at all hungry. We dutifully went down to eat and managed to eat a little bit. I ate a tea boiled egg (which was interesting) and Jess just kinda…

Day 5 – Taiyuan

By adamw | May 26, 2013

Today was our first day in Samuel’s hometown. We got up and headed down for the breakfast buffet. There were lots of bread/pastries, steamed veggies, eggs, fruit, dumplings, congee, and some other stuff we had no idea what it was. Breakfast was good and Adam said the coffee was good. After breakfast we walked up…