This blog has posts from our first adoption and second adoption


By adamw | March 13, 2013

Fedex delivered our LOA today and we had to sign and send back to our agency.  After that we headed to Sonic Happy Hour to celebrate with some very dear friends! Wohooooo! LOA Celebration Chinese Dinner

Letter of Acceptance {LOA}

By Jessica | March 12, 2013

I was in Class {my students were taking a quiz, which is why I was at my desk in the first place} when I saw the number for our agency pop up on my phone.  {I had been on Facebook earlier and saw that other people with very simular LID’s were getting their LOAs} I…

Celebrating today

By adamw | February 7, 2013

Today Jess and I took the kids and went to the airport to welcome home some friends that just adopted from Ethiopia. It was truly beautiful seeing their family unit as one for the first time! Adoption is such an amazing miracle and demonstration of divine love! I wrote a few more thoughts in a…


By Jessica | January 29, 2013

Yipeeee! Yesterday our agency contacted us to let me know we have our Log In Date!  This is a HUGE milestone in bringing Jian-Jian home.  Now China will begin processing our paperwork with Jian-Jian’s paperwork.  We are waiting for our Letter of Acceptance and then the final steps to bring our son home.  Yipeeee!!!


By Jessica | January 14, 2013

For those not in the adoption world this is a HUGE milestone that we have hit! This means that all of our documents (12 documents + homestudy + 10 pictures of our home and family + passport photos all have been authenticated at the county, state and consulate level).  Thank the Lord they all passed through…

“Mighty God”

By Jessica | December 9, 2012

We have had the privilege of visiting with a new body of believers the past weeks. It has been fun getting to know people from this church community and sharing about our family and our little one waiting for us in china. Today, the pastor was teaching on the name of Jesus “Mighty God” (Isaiah…

Half Way

By adamw | November 30, 2012

Its day 30 and we are half way through our 60 day fundraiser to raise $10,000. At this moment we are not nearly half way to that goal. Though I have been tempted to be a little down that the fundraiser is not going as well as I had hoped, God is working on my…

Happy 2nd Birthday!

By Jessica | November 25, 2012

Our little Jian-Jian turned 2 on 11/18.  We were not able to celebrate with our Son this year but we were able to CELEBRATE him! Happy Birthday Jian-Jian!      

Day 21

By adamw | November 21, 2012

Its day 21 of our fundraiser and we have raised $1,590 so far! Thanks to all our supporters, please don’t stop yet!

Day 16

By adamw | November 16, 2012

We are now at about $1,230 raised! I think about $200 came in yesterday! Thanks for all the support and please keep sharing our cause!